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September 20, 2017
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September 20, 2017

Should You Be Monitoring Your Web Applications?

After thoroughly testing your website application it would be time to for you to launch it. After that, it will face real world traffic and variations of various elements. Even though you carried out a proper testing, you should not assume and believe that it will perform as expected. Any application will run into trouble from one time to another. Murphy’s law will ensure that this happens. It is therefore important that you monitor the web app after launching it.

Monitoring the app will ensure that you get to know any problem that they develop early. It will enable you to fix the problem sooner, and this will be good for the users. It is always embracing when clients contact you just to inform you that the app is not working. Moreover, some users will not take their time to communicate with you; they can decide to move on and use other similar apps. Also, they can give bad reviews about the app, and this will discourage other users from using it. In the end, you are the one who will lose.

Sometimes the website application will fail, but you are not able to determine the reason. It can occur once or often. It is because some apps have thousands of lines of code making troubleshooting difficult. The best approach to such a scenario is monitoring the performance of the application. The reason it is failing will show up after some time.

It is important that you can determine the performance of the web app. After launching it, people will access it from different geographical locations. These geographical locations have various parameters that affect the performance of the app. For example, distinct internet speeds. By monitoring the app, you will be able to determine its actual performance. For example, the real performance at different internet speeds. Also, you will be able to gather data on the number of people that use the app. The data will enable you to know the load that the website application can withstand. The higher the load tolerance, the better.

Apart from the technical performance indicators, the quality of your website is an important aspect. The quality will determine whether the users will have a great experience using the app or not. The colors utilized in the app should be in harmony with each other. They should not be too dull or bright. Users should easily read the font size and types used. Each page should have a clear purpose. The users should be able to navigate through the pages and find what they are looking for quickly. You cannot get all this right during the development and testing stage. However, monitoring the app will enable to improve its quality.