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Monitoring Web Applications: Advanced Techniques
July 1, 2015
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Learn About Web App Monitoring
July 23, 2015

Monitoring and Testing Web Apps: The Basics

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testing web appsMost people refuse to put up with buggy apps while web browsing, so what do they do? They go somewhere else and the site loses traffic, maybe permanently. Why lose traffic when minimizing bugs in web applications could be as easy as a four step checklist?

Four Steps for Testing Web Apps

  1. Always consider screen resolution. Static widths might be the absolute perfect way to view the site on one screen, but it could cause viewers with different resolutions to miss important features like app controls, therefore losing out on the complete experience. Consider using online analytical tools in the planning process because they can show what resolutions are being used on specific sites.
  2. Remember all the different browsers people use. Sure they all do the same thing, but each one has little quirks that make them different and unique. Luckily most browsers are free to download, so be sure to visit your page on at least each of the big four: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  3. Mobile devices. It seems that everyone has an internet capable device in their pocket or backpack, which means every developer has to ask themselves if they want their site experience to translate onto a mobile device. The average mobile resolution is much lower than a full fledged computer, and if viewers use the built-in browser it could mean there is a whole new browser experience to consider. The best bet is to use CSS to scale application sizes, or else develop a mobile adaption of the site, either one is better than losing target traffic.
  4. Test thoroughly. Test everything over and over again, alpha and beta tests. Test the resolution on as many different screens as possible. Test the site on every browser and test again for any kind of update. Try the site on Androids, iPhones, and Blackberrys, including their tablet counterparts.

It’s simply impossible to anticipate every single thing that might hinder a viewing experience, and therefore impossible to make everyone happy, so don’t sweat it. These simple steps for testing web apps are the baseline for ensuring a quality product, keeping customers happy, and protecting your online revenues.